The relationships we nurture in our lives are essential to our social wellbeing and the feeling that we belong. Read more.

It is worthwhile for us to explore the types of relationships we have: family, friends, neighbours, and colleagues, even a pet or any other significant person in our lives.

Exploring the quantity and quality of relationships in our lives can lead to positive changes that will impact on our happiness and health.We have many different types of relationships in our lives, our close relationships can bring us comfort and relief from stress and responsibility, all of which help us feel happy and healthier.

Research tells us social relationships can be central to happiness and wellbeing. People in our lives are important to our happiness, so it makes sense to ask ourselves how relationships affect our lives day by day. Read less.


It is important for all us to feel our lives have meaning and purpose. Read more.

This happens when we feel valued and respected and when we have access to opportunities that we enjoy that give us satisfaction and a sense of achievement. Read less.


It is really important that we all feel
able to keep safe and well. Feeling safe and well means we are able to keep ourselves and those we care for healthy, secure and protected. Read more.

It also means that we feel safe in our own home and community and are safe from harm, abuse and exploitation. Read less.


Being in control of our lives and making important choices is central to our social wellbeing. Read more.

Sometimes we might need people to support us to make decisions or have access to services that support our independence. Being as independent as possible can help us achieve fulfilment in our lives. Read less.